Sunday, October 2, 2011

Upcoming releases

Time, once again, to post an updated list of upcoming K-On! media. My plan is to keep doing this once a month. Only Japanese and English language versions listed.
November 14th“K-On! Vol. 2” anime DVD (UK)
November 16th“K-On! Live Event: Let’s Go!” CD/Limited Edition CD (JP)
November 16th“K-On!! Live Event: Come With Me!!” CD/Limited Edition CD (JP)
November 16th“K-On! Vol. 3” anime DVD/Blu-Ray (AUS)
November 22nd“K-On! Vol. 4” anime DVD/Blu-Ray (US)
December 3rd“K-On!” movie theatrical release (JP)
December 5th“K-On! Vol. 3” anime DVD (UK)
December 13th“K-On! Vol. 4” manga (US)
January 9th“K-On! Vol. 4” anime DVD (UK)
So – nothing much of interest coming out this month, but a few exciting releases later this year.

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