Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Watching K-On! Episode 3 – “Cram Session!”

Yui fails her midterm exam and needs to pass a make-up test in order to remain a member of the club. However, she is distracted by her new-found interest in practicing guitar.
  • The writing on the blue shirt Yui is wearing while (not) studying says “Champion”. The yellow one she wears later reads “Challenge”.
  • The shirt Yui wears in the other girls’ fantasy sequence reads “older sister”, and the one Yui’s “sister” in this fantasy wears reads “little sister”.
  • Ritsu gets hit on the head three times (for being a nuisance during studying).
  • In Yui’s dream, Ritsu’s snowman is apparently a substitute for Yui. It seems Ritsu went insane in the snow by herself…
Manga comparison:
This episode picks up the manga exactly where the previous episode ends, starting with the last three pages of the third 4-koma chapter and continuing with the fourth.  The anime adds scenes of Yui studying on her own for a week, before the part where the club members all visit her house and meet Ui. Also original to the anime is Nodoka’s visit and Yui’s dream.
OST tracks used:
  • Small flashing - 2:50-4:25
  • Patrol of stroll - 4:38-5:28
  • Happy languidness - 5:42-6:29
  • Ukkari Kimi no Tame ni - 7:03-7:58
  • Kawaii Inbou - 8:26-9:51
  • Virtual love - 10:43-11:48
  • Kendama-kun - 11:49-11:53
  • Patrol of stroll - 12:10-12:20
  • Morning dew - 12:33-14:02
  • Have some tea? - 14:04-15:54
  • Happy End - 16:16-17:33
  • The other side of evening sun - 18:10-18:50
  • Karui Joudan - 20:49-21:34
  • Tanpopo Takkyuubin - 21:40-22:08
My take:
I don’t have a lot to say about this episode. It’s probably the least remarkable of the early episodes, nothing really stands out about it much one way or the other. I suppose it’s worth noting that this episode introduces the Light Music Club members to Ui and Nodoka, so from this point on the cast all know each other.

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  1. I just recently finished watching K-On!, K-On!!, and K-On! The Movie. This is one of my favorite episodes. The fantasy scene of Yui rolling around cracks me up whenever I think about it. And we see two instances of monkey themes in books which I thought was hilarious: "Guitar Chords Even a Monkey Can Learn" and "5 Minute Concentration--Even a Monkey Can Do It!!"