Thursday, October 6, 2011

News: K-On! fan matchmaking party in Tokyo

Well, here are some news I didn’t expect to read this morning: Anime News Network reports that matchmaking campaign “I’m Single” will host a matchmaking party for K-On! fans aged 20 to 45 on October 22nd.
The event is being held at the Roumantei Italian restaurant in Tokyo, and attendance fee is 6,000 yen for men and 1000 yen for women. It might seem unfair that men have to pay six times more than women, but considering K-On! is a seinen (young men) manga, it stands to reason that the majority of fans are male and thus jacking up the price is a good way of evening out the male/female attendee ratio (That’s only my speculation, of course! Not any kind of official reasoning).
In other news, TBS’ official K-On! website posted a new 30 second trailer for the K-On! movie earlier this week. Unfortunately, this trailer is merely a shortened version of the previously released trailer and features no new footage, so instead of wasting time with that; here’s the original full-length trailer again, this time with higher quality video thanks to YouTube user MrMitsu89:

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