Friday, October 21, 2011

News: K-On! The Movie CD singles and soundtrack announced

Broadcaster TBS’ official K-On! website has announced today the dates for the K-On! movie related music releases. The film’s opening song “UnmeiwaEndless!” will be released as a CD single on December 7th. The CD will also include the song “Ichiban Ippai” as well as instrumental versions of both songs. The two songs are composed by Tom-H@ck (also responsible for the opening songs from the TV anime), with lyrics by Shoko Omori.
Released on the same date is the ending theme song single “Singing!”, composed by Hiroyuki Maezawa (composer of the TV anime ending songs, and a number of other related tracks including “Fuwa Fuwa Time”) with lyrics by Shoko Omori. Also included is the song “Ohayou, Mataashita” and instrumental versions.
Scheduled for release on December 21st is the “K-On! The Movie Original Soundtrack” album with music by Hajime Hyakkoku, composer of the TV anime original soundtracks. No track listing has been released so far.
The singles will sell for 1260 yen apiece, and the OST price tag is set for 3150 yen.

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