Monday, July 2, 2012

Upcoming releases

Updated list of upcoming English and/or Japanese language K-On! releases. The BD/DVD release of the movie is approaching fast, that’ll be exciting. Australia is getting season 2 in September (with the double “!!” in the title intact, it seems) as well as a release of the complete first season on Blu-Ray – the first such release anywhere, I believe. That’s good news for region B people who have been waiting to pick up the first season.

July 18th“K-On!” Movie DVD/DVD Limited Edition/Blu-Ray/Blu-Ray Limited Edition (JP)

August 28th“K-On!! Season 2 Collection vol. 2” anime DVD/Blu-Ray (US)

September 5th“K-On! Season 1 Collection” anime DVD/Blu-Ray (AU)

September 5th“K-On!! Season 2 Collection vol. 1” anime DVD/Blu-Ray (AU)

Happy Birthday Mugi!!

Yes, it’s the birthday of who else but Tsumugi Kotobuki, Ho-kago Tea Time’s beloved keyboard player and supplier of beach house training camps. She turns [fictional number of] years old, and though she’s fictional and thus unable to celebrate her own birthday that doesn’t mean her fans can’t. Don’t get too drunk, my friends, it’s a weekday after all.