Wednesday, September 28, 2011

CD review: “Fuwa Fuwa Time” Chorus Husky Yui version

In my review of the “Fuwa Fuwa Time” CD single, I mentioned that another version of it exists on disc. This is it; the “Chorus Husky Yui” version. The disc contains only one track; “Fuwa Fuwa Time” as played by the Light Music Club in episode #6 “School Festival!”. Meaning that unlike the regular version, which sounds like a normal professional studio recording, this one has been mixed to sound like a live performance in the school auditorium (the main difference from the actual episode being that this is a full length four minute version) – and, like the title suggests, includes Yui’s husky-voiced background vocals which makes the track pretty funny. Pretty much a novelty CD, in other words.
The disc comes in a clear transparent jewel case, with a four page cover inlay. The included lyrics are printed in the same style as in the regular “Fuwa Fuwa Time” single, yet not completely identical.
The backside of the cover is clear, so that you’re looking straight at the actual CD. The disc itself is facing down inside the cover, leaving the label – which is almost identical to the regular “Fuwa Fuwa Time” CD, but with the text “Chorus Husky Yui” added on the right side – visible through the backside of the jewel case.
It probably goes without saying that this novelty version of the Light Music Club’s signature song is by no means a must-have for most fans. What makes it frustrating for completists, though, is the fact that it was never made available for purchase – instead, a total of 10,000 copies were given away as prizes in a mail-in contest in 2009. So with a finite amount of copies in existence, it’s not going to be the easiest K-On! CD to come by. It’s definitely out there – as evidenced by the fact that I managed to get my grubby hands on it – but don’t expect to find tons of it going for reasonable prices on eBay or anything.

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