Monday, December 5, 2011

(Non-)News: TBS has “no plans” for a third season

Honestly, this is of so little consequence that I didn’t know if I should bother posting it or not, but what the hey. According to AnimeNewsNetwork, a TBS website staffer responded to a question about a potential third season of K-On! by saying there are “no current plans” for it.
Well, shit – I could have told you that much. Come on… the movie has been out all of two days, and Kakifly’s continuation of the K-On! manga still hasn’t quite gotten off the ground yet, story wise, so the material isn’t even there at this point to make a satisfactory TV anime season out of it. It’s still much too early for another K-On! TV anime. Honestly, I’d be worried if they did announce one at this point – worried that it would be a rushed cash grab with little regard to the integrity of the franchise.
I’m sure there will be those who interpret this piece of non-news as meaning there will never be more K-On! anime, but “no plans” doesn’t necessarily have to mean anything beyond “it’s not in production at the moment”, which is a good thing, because right now frankly is not the time for it.
There may be another K-On! TV series at one point, or there may not be, but really… We don’t know anything now that we didn’t know yesterday. And certainly nothing that’s worth panicking over.

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