Saturday, December 3, 2011

News: K-On! movie opens, new Ho-kago Tea Time album announced

The day is finally here, and the K-On! movie is now showing in Japanese movie theatres. For all of us K-On! fans not living in Japan, however,  the wait continues for an as-of-yet-unknown amount of time… In all likelihood, the earliest we get to see it for ourselves will be when it is eventually released on DVD and Blu-Ray, whenever that will be.
But there’s more! With the release of the movie, a new album with insert songs from the film has been announced. Coming out on January 18th is “Ho-kago Tea Time in MOVIE”, in the form of both a regular and a Limited Edition with two CDs. Price tag is set at 2,500 yen plus tax.
I’ll say this right now; I’m not going to review this album when it comes out. Eventually, yes, but not for a while yet. In fact, I will not even listen to it. Not until I have seen the movie. For one thing, because hearing any new songs performed in the movie beforehand would be a huge spoiler. But it would also spoil the experience of listening to the album. Thinking back to the release of the insert song album of the second season of the TV anime, it was such a fantastic experience to hear it for the first time, and it would have been significantly less so had I not watched the anime first. Because of the anime and how the album tied into it, it had emotional resonance it wouldn’t have been able to achieve as a stand-alone musical experience. Now – I don’t expect quite the same thing from the movie album, but still… I feel that you’re not really supposed to listen to these things outside of the context (hence why it’s being released a month and a half after the movie and wasn’t announced prior to its release).
So, yeah. That’s why the album (and probably the other movie related CD releases as well) will have to wait, as far as I am concerned.
That’s my rant for today. Now, those who can, enjoy the movie. While for me, and the majority of the people reading this, the wait is still on…


  1. I actually saw the movie yesterday (opening day) and it was everything you're hoping for. It actually felt like a proper movie and not just a long episode of the show. You won't be disappointed.

  2. Well, thanks for jacking up my expectations, then, now the wait will be even harder. :)

    Nah, but seriously, thank you for that comment. Happy to hear it'll be worth the wait.