Monday, December 12, 2011

“Ho-kago Tea Time in MOVIE” album track list revealed

The official K-On! website has revealed the content of the upcoming movie insert song album. Note that this list, obviously, gives away which Ho-kago Tea Time songs are heard in the movie – so consider this your SPOILER warning!
Disc 1 contains the six HTT songs as heard in the film:
1: Curry nochi Rice (Eiga “K-On!” Mix)
2: Gohan wa Okazu (Eiga “K-On!” Mix)
3: Samidare 20 Love (Eiga “K-On!” Mix)
4: U&I (Eiga “K-On!” Mix)
5: Tenshi ni Fureta yo! (Eiga “K-On!” Mix)
6: Fuwa Fuwa Time (Eiga “K-On!” Mix)
Disc 2 contains only one track; a new Death Devil song apparently titled “Hikari”.

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  1. 1 new song only... boring. But I'll buy it anyway. lol