Monday, July 4, 2011

News: TBS reveals K-On! movie website, teaser trailer

TBS, the network responsible for K-On! broadcast in Japan, have updated the official K-On! website with a new K-On! movie-themed design. The original website for the TV anime can still be viewed here.
Not a lot of new content has been added, aside from a new teaser trailer for the movie. As with the first teaser trailer, first shown a few months ago; this new teaser consists of clips from the TV anime and doesn’t feature any actual footage from the film.
The K-On! movie opens in Japanese theaters December 3rd.


  1. I guess, the BD version of the movie will be released around December 2012 then. If my hunch is correct, I think the movie is connected to the 27th episode of K-On!! That means, the movie is about their vacation abroad.

    Michelle Pendlelton

  2. Yep, the movie is about their trip overseas, as you can see in the trailer: