Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Movie Countdown App

So, there is a new official K-On! app for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch. It’s a pretty simple thing, what it does is show you a picture of Azusa, everyone’s favorite keionbu newcomer, holding up a piece of paper telling you how much time there is left before the K-On! movie opens.
Why, thank you, Azusa! Only nineteen weeks and three days to go... Plus a year or so for those of us who don't live in Japan
Well, that, and it also shows you the current time. There isn’t much to be found here aside from the main screen. There’s an options menu that lets you set an alarm (on or off! Such a simple choice), choose the time (presumably for when the alarm is to go off), whether to “repeat” only once or every day, and what sound to play (guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, or school bell).

The picture of Azusa changes every now and then. The main focus, of course, is on the paper she’s holding, so you don’t always get to see her face.

Gee, I wonder who gave her this note.

This is the least bashful I've seen her so far.
So – not necessarily the most useful app, but it’s free, and if you’re an Apple whore and a die-hard K-On! fan, you’re probably going to want it. And you will always know exactly how much time is left until the K-On! movie opens in Japan! Yay!

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