Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Watching K-On!! Episode 3 – “Drummer!”

Ritsu, frustrated with never getting time in the spotlight, announces to her fellow club members that she is sick of the drums.


  • The whiteboard scribbles this time appear to be welcomes for Ton-chan.
  • The Fuwa Fuwa Time sheet that Azusa sets up for Ritsu’s guitar practice is the same one that comes with the 7th Japanese Blu-Ray volume of season 1.
  • Yui’s shirt reads “nylon”.
  • Ritsu’s flashback ties into the flashback in “Disband the Club!” and expands on it, showing a bit more of the conversation between younger Mio and Ritsu.
  • As Mio and Ritsu are sneaking into class, Sawako is talking about the upcoming class trip – which, of course, happens in the next episode.
  • When Yui and Ritsu place their hands on Sawako’s shoulders, telling her she “overdid it” (regarding the facial creams etc), it is a callback to Sawako’s flashback in “Adviser!” in which her crush responds the same way to her going “wilder!”.
  • Mugi’s newly composed song in this episode, “Honey Sweet Tea Time”, is never heard in its finished form in the anime. It does however appear on the second season’s insert song album.

Manga comparison:

This episode is the first to be fully original to the anime.

OST tracks used:

  • Futari no Sekai – 0:10-1:18
  • Doki Doki Friday night – 4:04-5:12
  • Fine rain in afternoon – 7:08-8:09
  • Na-i-sho! – 8:26-8:52
  • Ii Yume Mite ne – 10:12-11:11
  • Tenpura Kun – 11:43-11:47
  • Tostada – 11:50-13:05
  • Happy languidness – 13:19-13:49
  • Crepe wa Ikaga? – 14:48-15:39
  • Temptation with rain – 16:14-17:45
  • Tea with you – 19:11-20:45
  • Asahi wo Abite – 21:13-22:10

My take:

The first episode not based on or incorporating material from any manga chapter, and a fine episode it is. Some might want to call it “filler”, but really – in an episodic slice-of-life series show with little to no overarching plot, can any one episode really be regarded filler more than any other? As far as I’m concerned, this is a contender for best Ritsu episode. I love the scene where she recovers her passion for drumming, and the flashbacks. Also, we get a rare look at a work-in-progress HTT song. We’ve been shown before that Mio generally writes the lyrics, but this is the first in-story confirmation that Mugi is the composer of the group.


  1. It amazes me how one of the best episodes of the show was anime only. I guess it shouldn't be too surprising though. It's pretty obvious that KyoAni knows more about the girls than even Kakifly.

  2. This was definitely one of my favorite episodes from season 2. Nice review as usual.