Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sentai announces K-ON! The Movie license

The news you’ve been waiting for – well, the news I have been waiting for, anyway – are here. Sentai Filmworks finally announced today the fact that they have licensed “K-ON! The Movie” and will release it “soon” – whatever “soon” means. The film will be released through “digital outlets”, and on DVD and Blu-Ray with “extensive extras” (which makes it sound to me like they are actually including all or most of the original bonus features from the Japanese release this time).
And, as with both seasons of the TV anime, the movie will be given an English language dub produced by Bang Zoom Entertainment. While I’m not much of a dub fan, personally, I am glad that the release will be consistent with the TV series.
Well – it’s no surprise at this point that Sentai would license the movie, but it’s nice to finally have confirmation. The waiting game begins again?

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  1. I'm so excited! I really enjoyed the K-on! dub and the movie. I've been waiting for this!