Friday, November 30, 2012

More vinyl coming!

Still remember the 7inch Vinyl “Donuts” BOX, the box set of vinyl singles from K-ON!’s first season? Yeah, the official site has announced there’s another one coming, this time containing nine singles from season 2. The “K-ON!! 7inch Vinyl “Donuts” BOX” will be sold at Comiket 83, starting December 29th and ending the 31st, for the pretty price of 12000 yen. Singles included will be the second season’s opening and ending themes, as well as the character singles of the main five – minus all instrumental versions and “Come with Me!!” tracks.

Full track listing:

Disc 1:
Side B: Genius…?

Disc 2:
Side A: Listen!!
Side B: Our MAGIC

Disc 3:
Side A: Utayo!!MIRACLE
Side B: Kira Kira Days

Disc 4:
Side A: NO, Thank You!
Side B: Girls in Wonderland

Disc 5:
Side A: Oh My Giita!!
Side B: Shiawase Hiyori

Disc 6:
Side A: Seishun Vibration
Side B: Soukuu no Monologue

Disc 7:
Side A: Drumming Shining My Life
Side B: Yuuzora a la Carte

Disc 8:
Side A: Diary wa Fortessimo
Side B: Yasei no Jounetsu

Disc 9:
Side A: Over the Starlight
Side B: Joyful Todays

And this is where I’d complain that I’ll probably never be able to buy this etc., but in all honesty – who am I kidding?


  1. AWESOME!!! I have a preorder for the first set down, hopefully they will do a general release for this one as well. Now all i want is a followup game based around the songs from the second season, kind of odd that they never bothered as the first PSP game sold quite well (230,000).

  2. That's about $145 USD. Maybe if I come by some extra money I'll order this set.

  3. did you manage to get one?
    there's one on ebay right now, quite expensive though

    1. Yes, I managed to get one... eventually. Not cheap.