Saturday, August 13, 2011

News: K-On! movie premise revealed

When the K-On!! anime ended last September, the last aired episode finished with the announcement that a K-On! movie would be forthcoming. Now, close to a year later, and less than four months (sixteen weeks, to be exact, according to Azusa) from the premiere; we have finally been given official word about the films plot. SPOILERS ahead!
During the “Come With Me!!” live event in February, director Naoko Yamada made an appearance and revealed that the K-On! movie would take place before Yui and her friends graduate from High School.
When the final Blu-Ray volume of K-On!! was released in March, it contained a brand new, unaired episode in which the Light Music Club members decide to go on an overseas graduation trip, causing many fans to theorize that this trip would be the subject of the film – although the characters never decided in the episode where to travel.
Now, broadcaster TBS has revealed, in a new introduction page on the official website, that the K-On! movie will indeed follow the Light Music Club on their trip – to England. The website has also been updated with new artwork to reflect this.
Sixteen weeks to go!

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