Saturday, August 27, 2011

CD review: “Don’t Say “Lazy”” single

I don’t think anyone needs me to review the song Don’t Say “Lazy”. It’s the end credits song for K-On!, everyone knows it, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the popularity of this song is what made some people K-On! fans to begin with. Needless to say, it was very well received and is probably one of the most, if not the most iconic of K-On! songs.
Limited Edition cover

No, the song itself needs no recommendation from me. And I suppose the CD single doesn’t either, to be honest, but hey – this is the kind of stuff this blog exists for. And I suppose maybe, just maybe, there still are some K-On! fans out there that wonder if this CD is worth spending their hard-earned cash on.
Regular edition cover

So let’s get right down to it: What do you get on this CD? Well obviously, you get the song Don’t Say “Lazy” in its full 4 minute 23 seconds version. It’s like the 90 second TV version, but… longer. The B-side is a song called Sweet Bitter Beauty Song (the title refers not to the song itself, but to life. It’s, like, deep and stuff) and then there are instrumental versions of both songs.
As with the Cagayake!GIRLS single, there are two editions – the regular-ass edition that comes in a slim case, and a Limited Edition that comes in a regular jewel case. I have the latter version, so that’s what we’ll be looking at.
LE cover backside

The LE version of the CD has the same content as the regular edition, but the packaging and disc art differs. The LE CD has a picture of the four girls in their Don’t Say “Lazy” attire, the same as on the cover, on the actual disc.
And again like the Cagayake!GIRLS single, instead of a booklet inside the CD case, there is a series of alternate covers (with the lyrics and credits printed on the backside), each featuring one of the characters. So if you want to buy four copies and have each one display a different character on the cover… you’re crazy.
…but yeah, it’s possible to do that. Provided you can actually get a hold of multiple copies, that is. It just so happens the LE is out of print, but should be fairly easy to find second-hand. I was able to find a new and unopened copy for myself, although that was a while back. I don’t think it’d be too hard for a collector to find an unused LE CD, but for the sake of your wallet (and possibly your sanity)… just get one.

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