Sunday, October 14, 2012

K-ON! college & highschool manga licensed by Yen Press

As Anime News Network reports, Yen Press has announced they’ve licensed the two new K-ON! manga volumes, “K-ON! college” and “K-ON! highscool” for the North American market. They published the original four volumes last year so it’s not entirely unexpected, but it’s welcome news nonetheless.

“K-ON! college” was recently published in Japan, and “K-ON! highschool” is scheduled to follow later this month.


  1. It just dawned on me that if Sentai Filmworks License the movie, that'd be pretty much it for K-ON! overseas and in Japan. Unless they do another season (Which I hope they don't do given the conclusive ending of the movie) or a live concert.

    1. Yeah. I'm not necessarily against the idea of another season, but I don't want one if it's going to end the way the manga did. As it stands now, the movie is a wonderful ending to the anime.

    2. I'd been wondering if I should read the manga or not -- in the past, with other series, whenever I'd read the manga of an anime that I enjoyed, I'd always regret reading the manga. I was wondering if I should take a chance with K-On! or not.

      It's clear from your comment that I should not read the manga and be glad that the movie was such a good ending for the anime. Thanks.

    3. The manga isn't bad or anything, and it (originally) ended more or less the same way the TV anime did. It's just that the new "college" and "high school" volumes don't really have proper endings.