Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Watching K-On! Episode 13 (Bonus Episode) – “Winter Days!”

Each member of the Light Music Club faces their own everyday struggle on this cold winter day.
  • This was the last episode that aired as part of the original airing, and thus did not originally end with the usual preview for the next episode. A preview was however added for the home video release.
  • First appearance of Ritsu’s younger brother, Satoshi.
  • Azusa’s shopping bag is from “Petshop Girls”. I don’t think I need to explain the music reference (though apparently it is also the name of several real stores).
  • Mio listens to “Fuwa Fuwa Time” on the train, presumably a recording of the recent performance at the school festival.
  • Despite Ritsu’s protests in this episode, the lyrics Mio wrote (that Ritsu mistook for a love letter) do get turned into a song, though it’s never referred to again within the anime itself. The song does appear on the second season’s insert song album, however.
Manga comparison:
The “Brrr, it’s so cold” scenes in the club room at the beginning and end of the episode are based on volume 2 chapter 12. The rest of the episode is original material.
OST tracks used:
  • Ii Yume Mite ne – 0:04-2:00
  • Cotton candy – 5:11-6:47
  • My hometown where it snows – 8:59-9:28
  • Ginsekai no Asa – 12:09-13:46
  • Kendama-kun – 13:48-13:52
  • The other side of evening sun – 15:14-16:39
  • Nihiki no Koneko – 17:28-18:58
  • Karui Joudan – 19:29-20:07
  • Obaa-chan no Tansu – 21:15-22:09
My take:
This episode is not particularly interesting story wise, or very funny. But I do enjoy the atmosphere of it. The use of music – or rather, lack thereof, is interesting. Many if not most scenes throughout play out without any background music at all, which is quite unusual for K-On!.

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  1. The atmosphere of this episode, and yes, the lack of music, as a direct contrast to the awesome music-filled finale immediately before this one, are what make this episode great. That, and the very melancholic tone when they're all on their own, which becomes much happier when they're finally together.

    It's my favourite episode, tied with season 2's episode 26, "Visit!".