Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Movie Band Score release announced

Well, how’s this for timing – the same day I was going to post my review of the first K-On! Band Score release, TBS goes and announces the last one. The first season had two of these, the second season had four – and now there will be one for the K-On! movie as well.
Release date is set for February 29th, and the score book will contain the following songs (Warning, movie spoilers!):
  • UnmeiwaEndless!
  • Singing!
  • Ichiban Ippai
  • Ohayou, mata Ashita
  • Hikari
The accompanying CD will contain these tracks:
01 – UnmeiwaEndless! (Instrumental)
02 – UnmeiwaEndless! (Instrumental [-Guitar1])
03 – UnmeiwaEndless! (Instrumental [-Guitar2])
04 – UnmeiwaEndless! (Instrumental [-Keyboard])
05 – UnmeiwaEndless! (Instrumental [-Drums])
06 – Singing! (Instrumental)
07 – Singing! (Instrumental [-Guitar1])
08 – Singing! (Instrumental [-Guitar2])
09 – Singing! (Instrumental [-Keyboard])
10 – Singing! (Instrumental [-Drums])
11 – Love Crisis (chotto)
12 – Live House rehearsal
13 – Tenshi ni Fureta yo! – Guitar practice
14 – Ichiban Ippai (Movie Size Ver.)
15 – UnmeiwaEndless! (Movie Size Ver.)
16 – Singing! (Movie Size Ver.)
It’s a little odd that there are no “-Bass” instrumental versions of UnmeiwaEndless! or Singing!. Oh well… Here comes another CD I can’t listen to until I’ve seen the K-On! movie.

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