Tuesday, November 29, 2011

CD review: “K-On!! Live Event – Come with Me!!” Live CD

With the first K-On! live event having been as big a success as it was, it was only a matter of time until the second anime season had a follow-up show arranged in its honor. “Come with Me!!” took place in Saitama Super Arena on February 20th this year, and was in pretty much every way bigger and better than “Let’s go!”.
The spectacular and long show was released as a 2 disc Blu-Ray (and a 2 disc DVD) set in August, and this month saw a 3 disc CD version released alongside a 2 disc CD version of its predecessor. The live album has been released both in a regular and a Limited Edition, and I’ll be checking out the latter version.
The packaging and its contents follow the same configuration as the “Let’s Go!” LE, with a clear plastic case containing the album and the other materials. From the front, you see the album cover and the little cardboard thingy that holds it in place and lists the album tracks. From the back, you see the booklet that only comes with the LE, which when displayed laying on its side as it is in this package features a picture of all ten K-On!! characters whose seiyuu participated in the event.
The booklet is, if I’m not mistaken, a partial reproduction of a special booklet sold at the actual event. It contains, among other things, photos and facts on the stars, a K-On!! discography depicting the CDs and DVD/BDs released for the second season and even a cutesy comic about the cast practicing for the event. If you’ve seen the bonus features on the Blu-Ray edition, it might be worth pointing out that pictures from the photo shoot seen in one of those segments are found in this booklet.
Next is the CD booklet, which there isn’t a whole lot to say about – it’s the CD booklet. It contains the lyrics from the songs performed at the event, show credits and a few pictures.
The album itself comes in a digipack, with the cover showing the five HTT girls during the second season’s climactic live performance scene. The backside of the cover shows a photo taken during the event, and the track listing for the three CDs.
The individual disc art continues the theme from the “Let’s Go!” album, where disc 1 represented Yui by depicting a red silhouette of her guitar and disc 2 had Mio’s bass in blue. The remaining three HTT members are represented on this album by their instruments and colors on disc 1 (Ritsu), disc 2 (Mugi) and disc 3 (Azusa).
As with the “Let’s Go!” live album, I can’t help but feel that I’m missing out on watching the Blu-Ray when I’m listening to the CD version. Even more so with “Come with Me!!” – while listening, I found myself almost wanting to just stop the disc and go watch the show on Blu-Ray instead. That really is the way to experience this live event at home. Still – the CD album will surely be nice to have around whenever I just feel like listening to a few of the songs rather than sit down and watch the whole thing from beginning to end.
I’m not going to go into detail about the concert itself, I did that in the Blu-Ray review. The main difference in the CD version is that most of the talking and audience interaction between performances have been edited out. All songs are included here, though, so nothing of the music is missing. It seems they’ve pretty much left it as it was, too – they haven’t fallen for the temptation of “fixing” Yoko Hikasa’s briefly singing out of tempo on “Tokimeki Sugar”, for instance. A good thing, in my opinion – this is supposed to be live, after all. For a polished and “perfect” sounding version, we’ll always have the original studio recordings.
Track listing:
Disc 1: (50:45)
01: Opening
02: Overture
04: Listen!!
05: Introduction (Guitar)
06: Oh My Giita!!
07: Introduction (Bass)
08: Seishun Vibration
09: Introduction (Drums)
10: Drumming Shining My Life
11: Introduction (Keyboard)
12: Diary wa Fortessimo
13: Introduction (Guitar)
14: Over the Starlight
15: Uki Uki New! My Way
16: Junjou Bomber!!
17: Jump
Disc 2: (32:21)
01: MC “Center Stage Appearance”
02: Ichigo Parfait ga Tomaranai
03: Tokimeki Sugar
04: Honey sweet tea time
05: Gohan wa Okazu
06: Death Devil appearance
07: Maddy Candy
08: Love
Disc 3: (62:05)
01: MC “Preparing Instruments”
02: Pure Pure Heart
03: U&I
04: U&I (Instrumental)
05: Tenshi ni Fureta yo!
06: Fuwa Fuwa Time
07: NO, Thank You!
08: Utayo!!MIRACLE
09: Cagayake!GIRLS
10: Don’t Say “Lazy”
11: Sakuragaoka Girls High School school anthem
12: Come With Me!!

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